Thursday, the 01 of January 2020
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Wine is no ordinary drink. A gift from the gods but tended by man, it is the embodiment
of civilization. Whatever its cultural and economic significance, wine is preeminently a
religious phenomenon. It can be found at the heart of ancient civilizations - Mesopotamian,
Egyptian, Greek or Roman.
For over 6,000 years, wine has been indissolubly linked with the divine, and vice versa.
Gods of every sort have kept up an enduring love affair with wine. Who can imagine Noah
sober and without his vine-stock? Or the Bible minus its 441 references to vines and
wine? Or the Jewish ceremonial feast of Seder, at the start of Passover, without its four
cups of wine? Or the wedding feast at Cana without the miracle of the wine? Or a wineless
Saint-Vincent Tournante? In English, as in French, wine rhymes with divine.
The mediator between men and the gods, rich in symbolism, wine is the bridge linking
civilizations, their creeds and religions.
Inspired by Evelyne Malnic's book Le Vin et le Sacré (Editions Féret), the exhibition's
fourteen panels retrace the part played by wine in different cultures and religions through
the ages. A testament to seven centuries of monastic winemaking, the Cistercian vat
house at the Château du Clos de Vougeot provides the ideal venue for this exhibition.
creation vinium
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