Nine centuries of History

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At the Fountain-Head of the Wines of Burgundy

In those far off days, the monks from Cîteaux cultivated their vines with an intuitive understanding of the different terroirs and their infinite complexity, identifying Burgundy's Climats nine centuries before they were officially - and universally - recognized. These seasoned vignerons, land-clearers as much as builders, decided to establish at Vougeot the buildings needed to exploit their vast vine lands: the cuverie, or vat house, where you can still today admire the four giant wine-presses; and the Grand Cellier, an ingeniously constructed above-ground wine cellar. These buildings were the foundation-stones of what would become the Château. Welcome to the spiritual fountain-head of Burgundy's Wines.


A Renaissance Manor House

Pleasure eventually took precedence over spirituality.... In 1551, Dom Loisier, forty-eighth abbot of Cîteaux, planted among the already renowned vines a Renaissance manor house, the elegance of which contrasted starkly with the severe style of the original buildings. Austerity and asceticism cohabiting with the urbane art of living: the Château du Clos de Vougeot had assumed its definitive and defining form.


The Château's saviours, Messieurs Ouvrard and Bocquet.

Even so, the Château came close to disappearing forever from Burgundy's Grand Cru landscape. More than three centuries and one Revolution later, the wealth and dedication of banker Gabriel-Jules Ouvrard, followed by that of wine-merchant Léonce Bocquet, saved this national treasure from total dereliction. On September the 15th 2013, the drive leading up to the Château's gates was given Bocquet's name in recognition of his generosity. The destiny of remarkable places is in the hands of remarkable men.

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An Historic Monument!

Winegrower, parliamentary député and mayor of Vosne-Romanée Etienne Camuzet became the next proprietor of the Château until ownership was passed to the Société civile des Amis du Château in 1944. Between times, against the backdrop of the Depression, a group of inspired winegrowers were laying the foundations for what would become the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin. Step by step, the festive spirit was enlisted to help preserve Burgundy's heritage - architectural as well as vinous. In 1949, the Château officially received Historic Monument status, and is today open to the public all the year round.


An influence extending around the world

Under the impetus given by the young Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, the Chapitre de la Résurrection was staged at the Château du Clos de Vougeot on the 16th of November 1948 - and the ban de Bourgogne took its first steps towards becoming an international anthem!

Hundreds of Chapitres followed attended by famous and important guests happy to travel to the Château, sit at its table and take the oath to defend the reputation of Burgundy's wines whatever the occasion. Gastronomy, great wines and the Rabelaisian spirit have taken up abode here, drawing in their wake gourmets from around the world, and sanctioning in the name of Bacchus a host of chevaliers devoted to spreading the good word.

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The Home and Headquarters of the Climats

On July the 4th 2015 - with the prospect of another vintage crop on the horizon - Burgundy harvested the fruit of a hard-fought ten year-long campaign when the Climats became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The decision to make the Château du Clos de Vougeot the Climats' headquarters was a natural one. In the minds of Burgundians it stands above all other candidates, elevated by the chivalrous spirit of the 12,000 active members the Confrérie has enlisted through the years to defend the image of Burgundy and its wines all over the world.

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The Holy Shrine of the Oeuf en Meurette

Also famous for the oeuf en meurette (symbol par excellence of Burgundy cuisine and served in their thousands at each Chapitre), the Château du clos de Vougeot chose to mark World Egg Day on October 11th 2019 by staging the first Oeuf en Meurette World Championship - yet another milestone in its long and continuing history!

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